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In this exclusive residence, two contrasting design spaces coexist harmoniously. The first space exudes opulence by incorporating rich wooden panels, ornate gold leaf accents, and luxurious marble flooring, drawing inspiration from classical and baroque influences. Detailed motifs combined with vintage-inspired furniture evoke a timeless sense of grandeur. In contrast, the second area represents contemporary elegance characterized by a neutral color palette, stylish furnishings, and minimalist aesthetics. Geometric patterns and delicate gold touches serve as a bridge between the two designs, offering a seamless blend of past richness and modern sophistication.

Levent Penso has been providing design and applied project services and consultancy under the brand OFFICINA by Levent Penso in the fields of store and restaurant management, architectural and interior design services, landscape design, fashion design, furniture design, automobile design, leather accessories design, jewelry design for more than 35 years.

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